Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Saddam Hunger Strike

Saddam declared he wouldn’t eat to protest their trial where he is being charged with violating human rights of Shiites and Kurds.

Ok, does anyone else see the irony here?  The UN oil for food program was supposed to keep the people of Iraq fed while sanctions were in place.   Obviously with hindsight we know that most of the money went to Saddam and the Government of Iraq (and various corrupt officials around the world).  So basically Saddam was forcing a hunger strike on the Shiites.

How long do you think this selfish cult of personality will really starve himself on principle?
I love this statement by the goon himself:
        “I urge Iraqis that everyone should fight and defend his country.”
That’s what they are doing now, bozo.  It’s just not your country any more.

The excuses being used by the former regime officials who are supposed to be testifying against Saddam are pathetic.  “I only signed that order to kill thousands of Shiites because I didn’t have my glasses on and didn’t see what I was signing.”  (fake but accurate quote).

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