Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Onward Christian Environmentalist

So now there are some Christians who feel it’s there duty to promote the Global Warming mantra and push for legislation to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

      The group said Christians, and the U.S. government, have a responsibility to cut emissions of carbon dioxide, methane and other gases that trap heat in the atmosphere like a greenhouse. Many scientists believe these gases have intensified recent hurricanes, heat waves, disease outbreaks and droughts.

The CBS report acts surprised that a portion of the conservative base has views like this, but that just goes to show that there isn’t consensus on every issue in any large group of people.  You’ll always be able to find a Republican or conservative who favors environmental activism and you’ll certainly find anti-abortion Democrats (not that the party wants you to know that).

I think the group is wrong about this.  The data on global warming is certainly not conclusive that warming is actually occurring because of human activity, nor is it proven that human technology emissions cause hurricanes to get stronger.  However, I do think disagreement within the Christian community on issues outside the core Biblical doctrines are fine and dandy.

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