Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Salvadoran Communist leader dies.

Schafik Handal, communist guerrilla leader and head of FMLN in El Salvador just died of a heart attack.  The FMLN got involved in the political process after years of violence and war in the small central American country, and El Salvador is recovering.

A.M. Mora y Leon wonders if a new crop of leftist leaders will emerge, or if the movement will die with him.
I’m wondering whether El Salvador is indicative of what’s going on with religious groups in the middle east suddenly putting down arms and participating in the political process in many countries.  So I’m curious to see what happens on this side of the pond.

Leon also has reports on Venezuela.  The infrastructure is crumbling.
There is one TV station in Venezuela that is defying Chavez’s orders to censor what they report.  They are displaying tremendous courage and professionalism, reporting the facts about what is going on there.

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