Thursday, January 12, 2006

Haiti elections

Haiti has declared that they will have their first elections since former President Aristide was forced from power last year on February 2nd.  The locals are striking and there has been lots of violence.  Par for the course there in Haiti.  Locals are complaining that the UN peacekeepers haven’t kept the peace.

      "I think the role of MINUSTAH was to bring peace and security - to bring security back, and help the government to carry elections. Elections cannot take place in such an unsecure environment. So, therefore, we think there are enough troops in this country, 7,400 international troops. There is enough know-how and technical expertise in MINUSTAH to basically get in with the minimum casualty in the civilian society, and get rid of the gangs, disarm the gangs," said Mr. Boulos.

OK, Mr. Boulos, what you ‘think’ and what reality is bears some introspection on  your part.  Point to me anywhere in the world where UN troops actually did keep the peace amidst a riotous population or oppressive government.  Really, if Mr. Boulos would note the UN mandate, it will tell him all he needs to know about what the UN is really there for, and it’s not to protect the citizens of Haiti.

One has to sympathize with the locals, even if the elections go forward.  How can you be sure that your elected officials will be able to control the population or if the President won’t be corrupt himself.

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