Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Evangelicals and Liberals

I for one have been thinking that, over this last election year, the lines between liberals and conservatives have grown pretty fuzzy. Democrats are saying things that have long been tenets of conservatives and Republicans are saying and doing things that I used to chide Democrats for. What's a poor boy to do?
Well now, via Powerline, here comes William Stuntz to tell us that he believes that intellectual liberals and evangelicals will soon come together in an odd political coalition. He explains that the things that will bring us together, in the end, are 1. Abortion (yes you heard that right), 2. Poverty at home, 3. Poverty abroad and 4. Spreading freedom and nation building.
Read it. I think it's totally interesting and worth pondering.

Update: Powerline responds, and doesn't necessarily agree.

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