Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Election problems

Instapundit has been following all the cases of election fraud that have been alleged in the past couple of weeks. Here is one in Wisconsin.
Here is one in East St. Louis.
For the election issues in the Washington Governor's race, go to Sound Politics.

The push for election reform must begin now in order for it to be up and running for the next elections in 2006 (and 2008). Arizona has started the challenge by passing a law (and getting it federally confirmed) that in order to be registered to vote you must show proof of citizenship.
Unsurprisingly, the Democrats there oppose the bill.
The legal defense fund, in objections filed with the Department of Justice, said the proof of citizenship requirement will do away with registration drives, where volunteer party workers sign people up to vote.
They cited figures saying that these drives are one of the main methods of getting minorities registered.

They also argued that minorities are less likely to have various forms of identification required to register and vote than others.
Waaaaaaaa! We can't get lots of extra Democratic-leaning voters on the ballot. I think this change is welcome, and it doesn't descriminate. ALL CITIZENS have to show their IDs at the voter booth, not just minorities. Minorities who are citizens should be able to identify themselves with the proper identification. If they can't what's the chance that they aren't citizens.
Besides, as an Oregonian (who opposed the vote by mail initiative), I am dis-heartened that we have to resort to voting by mail and having registration drives in order to get people to actually vote. Voting is a privilage, and part of what makes this country great. Get off your butts!

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