Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Rogue of the Month
I don't have a regular running thing where I pick someone every month who just completely drops the ball, but this month I thought I would single out someone who made life more difficult for millions of people, who sat back and allowed the freedoms of those people drop to the ground like so much lint in his pocket.
Am I talking about Michael Moore? George Bush? Kofi Annan? No.
I'm talking about Jimmy Carter. Mr. Carter was supposed to monitor the election in Venezuela this month, where the votes were being cast to recall Hugo Chavez and take the government back for the people. Instead, contrary to what political observers down there said was a 58% to 41% margin at the exit polls to regect the current government, Chavez won by the same margin.
Enter this article by Thor Halvorssen, who was there.
Later that morning the most important observer, former President Jimmy Carter, declared that he was shown the computer tally by government supporters and that everything seemed in order. Mr. Carter then left Venezuela, and the opposition groups that had put their faith in him to facilitate a peaceful resolution to the crisis. Mr. Carter, who was vociferous and insistent about patience, transparency and hand-tallies during the Florida recount, left Venezuela to attend Mrs. Carter's birthday party.
I'm sure the people of Venezuela are gratefull to all Mr. Carter's help in the matter. It's becoming pretty obvious now that Chavez pulled every trick in the book to alter the vote, from denying some people, importing non-citizens, to using computer voting software from a company that the government owned 28% of.
Shame on you Jimmy.

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