Friday, May 25, 2007

Rooting out evil

Just a short note to all of you to keep your eye on Lebanon, where things are getting hot again.
There have been bombings and attacks, and Lebanon is getting more and more tired of harboring Palestinian refugees who harbor the same people who incited Israel to attack their country last summer.
The leader of the Shia militant group Hezbollah has urged Lebanon's government not to storm a refugee camp to root out Sunni radicals. Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said Lebanon should not become part of the American war against al-Qaeda.
Well, now, you see if Lebanon becomes a hotbed of conflict and the Lebanese invite American aid, and if al-Qaeda is a part of it, there's only yourself to blame here. The Lebanese are certainly not to blame for foreign elements operating against the United States and Israel from their soil. Frankly if I were them I'd have gotten tired of it a long time ago and kindly invited the refugees to leave.
However, that point might not be that far off, as one Lebanese describes his feelings on the matter.
The Lebanese were collectively punished last summer for not being able to control a mad man who thought that kidnapping the cubs of a lioness was a game. As he hid safely like a pussy behind a chastity belt, over 1,000 Lebanese died. And the dreams of millions along with them. I hated the Israelis then. Even though I knew a lot of them personally who did not hate me back each time a missile hit Haifa. And as we collectively punished the Palestinians in their camp for not being able to control mad men who thought that killing the kittens of a declawed house cat would demonstrate their power, I felt no remorse. None. Hypocrite. They should have controlled the madmen, I thought. Then Boom. A bomb in Achrafieh. Again. A dead innocent woman. Again. Boom. Another bomb in another affluent neighborhood. Verdun. Boom. Another bomb in Aley. Here we go. The birthing pangs of our rebirth. While the mad men of Damascus started softly gloating, my numbness turned to rage. And while we exercised power over the powerless, I thought back to July of 2006. And I realized. Realized that I was guilty. Of hypocrisy. The terrorists need to be eliminated.
The U.S. has begun to send aid. Military aid, that is.
Thanks to Michael Totten for the links.

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A Jacksonian said...

After last year's work in Lebanon, we have seen the transformation of Hezbollah from mere terrorist organization supported by Iran to that of Iran's First Foreign Legion. Bill Roggio hit upon the key to that and with that the rest of Iran's actions and outlooks become less murky. Mind you they aren't much of a Foreign Legion, but they do have lessons learned to use. I don't tend to concentrate on Iran, but still have put out a good number of posts on them... their oil problem I handle in a couple of posts, along with their ties and internetworking with Transnational Terrorism, and then give a hard view of how the power structure is changing internally to the extremely radical IRGC.

And after seeing all the internal crackdowns and repression going on these last few weeks, we can see that the rot at the top is spreading outwards. Mind you even if Iran implodes, they have set up their distributed network of Hezbollah operations globally and made them self-sufficient, by and large. Ending the regime does not end the threat...