Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Zimbabwe tries to shut down NGOs

Interesting article from Reuters about Zimbabwe starting to take down all the NGOs there.  NGOs include all those organizations who selfishly provide aid and food to people who are starving due to Robert Mugabe’s campaign against everyone in his country.

      Mugabe, sole ruler since independence in 1980, has accused NGOs and aid groups of supporting the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) and imposed tight restrictions on food aid distribution in the country.

Say it isn’t so!  Relief organizations supporting groups trying to overthrow the government?  Perhaps it’s part of their plan to help the people.  Mugabe’s government is certainly the root cause of all the suffering over there.

      Mugabe, widely accused of running Zimbabwe's once-prosperous economy into the ground through policies such as the seizure of white-owned farms, blames the economic problems on sabotage by Western powers who are keen to topple him.

      Britain, the United States and other Western nations deny that they have waged economic war against Mugabe and insist that they are merely trying to restore democracy in Zimbabwe.

Yeah, your problems are because we’re trying to topple your government.  Denial and paranoia continue to work their magic on third world governments throughout the world. 

But I think that Mugabe is right about our countries opposing him and trying to overthrow his government.  Because if we’re trying to restore democracy, we’re certainly working against his government.

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Kat said...

Mugabe and the Iranian powers-that-be have a lot in common. They both remind me of those criminals who think nothing of intimidating, robbing, beating, torturing and murdering innocents, but call the police every name in the book for daring to enforce the law. Mugabe and the Mullahs are irrational to assume that stable and peaceful countries wouldn’t oppose them, considering their records. What is also irrational is when countries like the U.S. and Britain aren’t more direct, telling thugs like Mugabe that he hasn’t even seen real economic warfare yet, but he will if he doesn’t set things to rights in his country, or hand over the reins to someone who will. Of course, that would mean confrontation with the rest of the lunatics at the U.N., so the chances are slim that the real democracies of the world will take the direct approach.

It's just sad about the NGOs.