Saturday, January 20, 2007

Quick news flashes

Oh, I'm just sitting here on Saturday morning, hanging out (as this is the only day of the week I get to sleep in at all). Yes, the first thing I did was turn on the computer. What a geek.

Hugo Chavez reacted to criticism from Harry Reid, of all people. Which goes to show that even the Democrats understand that Hurricane Hugo is going to be a problem that they'll have to deal with now that they have some responsibility in running the government. 'I think this leftist stamp in Latin America is going to spread throughout the world because the only the left can provide the transformation we need,'' Chavez said.
In this day and age, it's amazing that anyone buys that socialism is the best thing for ANY country.

Michael Totten has been blogging some very long posts on Hezbollah in Lebanon. The latest that I've read is his photo-filled tour of Hezbollah's "capital", which was bombed pretty heavily. He was guided by a shiite cleric who is against Hezbollah. Very interesting.

Hillary Clinton announced that she's going to run for President. Oh. I'm so shocked and surprised. I never saw that coming.
While Clinton has the best shot yet for a woman to win the White House, she also faces opposition across the country. Her unfavorable ratings hover in the 40 percent range, well above Edwards or Obama. She also has to overcome her 2002 vote to support the unpopular war in Iraq and what she calls ``the scars'' from her failed health-care plan in the 1990s.
I think that so many people are going to bring these points up as if they're problems for her, that they will probably become problems. I don't see her vote for the war as a detriment, but if she gets past the primary it'll be a positive. And people don't have the memory to remember the failed health care plan, and it won't really matter as much as what her platform is now. However, you can bet it will be central in people's attempts to oppose her.
Anyway, it's still 2007. How effective do you think any of these people who are campaigning are going to be at their current jobs?

A journalist was killed in Turkey yesterday. What makes it significant was that he was Armenian and was known for criticizing the government and people for the way that they've treated minorities, such as Armenians. Turkey gets a label for being a not-so-free place to speak your mind, and entry into the EU seems much more unlikely.

Tomorrow is Conference Final Sunday in the NFL. So you know where I'll be after church.

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