Thursday, December 07, 2006

Geography in 2006

I’m back, after a long family trip that I can’t possibly describe in one post.  Needless to say that I am not well rested, physically, but well rested mentally.  And we had a great time.

In the mean time, as I love all things geography, here’s a list of the best of 2006 from Ben Keene, who is the editor of the Oxford Atlas of the World.  This is a list of things that had the greatest geographic impact, according to Ben.  Note this one.

    Over the summer in the United States, President Bush designated roughly 140,000 square miles of Pacific reefs and atolls as a National Monument. This act makes the Northwest Hawaiian Islands—which cover more surface area than 46 of the 50 states—the single largest protected marine sanctuary on Earth, just edging out the 133,000 square miles of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Bet you didn't read about that in the paper.

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