Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Oregon Ballot Measure 44

I'm typically skeptical when looking at ballot measures, and that skepticism goes up big time when I see some thing about "Medical Plan"  or "Prescrition Drugs."  I'm not surprised to see the types of supporters that are arguing in favor of it either.  However, I'm not sure that I really dislike this measure considering that it's the first time that someone is asking government to provide something at virtually no cost to anyone.
No, really.  The whole point about this measure is that it sets up a bulk rate for prescriptions, giving people who don't have prescription coverage a way to buy them on the cheep.  The statement of financial cost in the ballot guide says that there isn't any.   And there are no arguments against this measure at all.

Is there anyone out there opposed to this?
Perhaps not.  I noticed that the Oregon Family Council, which is a Christian organization, finds no reason to oppose this.  I thought that, since I seem to be taking not much time to go over this one, that I would point to this resource for Christians.  They seem to have a head on their shoulders and argue things from a Biblical point of view.  I've agreed with most of their positions, except for measure 40 (and then I think I'm only differing on symantics).  Although they seem to not have their guide online (I got one at my church), which isn't very convenient.  It's not like they're charging for it.
Jack Bogdanski says: Yes!  "poor people should be able to get medicine, for Pete's sake."
Wait!  Here's somebody.  No on 44. I can see where this person is coming from.  They're nervous about big Pharma companies taking advantage of the state later in the process and raising the "bargain" price they've negotiated.  I'm not sure I see where they're definitely going to do that, and I'm going to give the industry a shot at being the good guy for once.  If they come through everyone looks like the hero.

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