Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Sudan. All the reports lately of the conflict and oppression in Sudan have inspired me to do a country of the week on them. But in the mean time, Instapundit has been collecting stories for some time that I have just been breezing over. Here's one about how Sudanese troops are crossing international boundaries in order to harass their citizens.
Here's another report (all these are currently from Instapundit. Thanks, Glenn):
Over one million non-Arabs have been displaced within Darfur, predominantly by attacks conducted by Arab Janjawid militias, who are reportedly allied to the government. The government denies involvement in the attacks. Up to 200,000 people are estimated to have fled to neighboring Chad, while estimates of numbers killed vary from between 15,000 and 30,000.

The center for American Progress has collected articles concerning this. The American public is finally starting to take notice (despite the dismal performance by the usual news services).
Folks, this is more important than Iraq now. Not that Iraq is not important, or that we should leave, but we need to devote serious attention to this. This situation really underscores the failure of the UN. They have ignored it while the world watched it happen. They are wrapped up in the worlds largest corruption scandal and can't be expected to handle even the most mild of international issues, let alone a genocidal movement like we are seeing in Sudan presently. We need to lead the world in and clean this mess up too. But we can't do it alone, as we are stretched as it is in Iraq. Perhaps the Euros will bend a little bit and support an invasion where there is no oil and it isn't even Christians who are getting killed now. But that's too much to ask if the Americans are in charge.

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